Patrick Vale

Picturehouse Cinema, London

THE MOTHER OF ALL INTERLOCKS Mural at Picturehouse Central, London.

Davis & Vale were commissioned to produce a large mural at the new Picturehouse mul- tiplex cinema by interior designers Martin Brudnizki Studio.

The brief was very open: do something as long as cinema is involved.

The usual cinema-based themes like poster images, film stars, glamour, famous quotes and other cliches were rejected, instead focussing on how films are actually made: machines were drawn, technology, people behind the scenes, film-slang, imaginary conversations based on the nature and the critical disagreements reacting to a trip to the cinema.

All this is hung on an interlocking film time- line that starts from the Big Bang (where light was invented) and loops its way via Aristotle, Muybridge, The Lumiere brothers, commercial flow-charts, lens behaviour, sound design diagrams and arcane facts right up to the present digital age. 

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