Patrick Vale

Björn Ulvaeus ABBA



Björn has written a collection of stories from his childhood in the town of Västervik and from his career in music, to coincide with the opening of Slottsholmen. The book is another example of reaching for the stars, but remembering your roots - from Västervik to the world. And the title?

 "You are who you meet. It’s one of those things you realise as you get older. The constantly changing man that I see in the mirror every day is very much a reflection of the people I meet and have met in my life"  Björn says.

One of these people is the artist Patrick Vale. Björn decided to meet with Patrick in his studio in Dumbo, NY, and share some of these life stories. You Are Who You Meet is a collaborative effort. ”The result of a wonderfully strange and exciting meeting of minds,” as Björn describes it ”In an impressionistic way these stories say something about their author.”






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