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"Vale paints and draws highly intricate cityscapes in a style that, depending on the detail I focused on, put me in mind of the great diorama photographs of Sohei Nishino and the paintings of Enoc Perez. Davis then overlays them with cartoons (think George Grosz crossed with David Shrigley), observations and quotes, high brow and low, from sources as various as the great German writer WG Sebald to the eccentric who maintains a vigil by the William Wallace memorial on the wall of St Bartholomew’s Hospital. Certainly it beats the decoration you find in most business hotels, a signal that Hyatt’s commitment to nurturing artists is alive and well even in EC2." The Daily Telegraph

"So intricate is the detailing on this living map that even after staring at it for hours, you'll continue to notice fresh little references to modern London culture. The wall might look more at home in the Whitechapel Gallery, rather than a five-star hotel tucked behind Liverpool Street Station" Condé Nast Traveller

"It’s a jumble of sketches, ponderings and quotes from overheard conversations that some might find a bit overwhelming, but we find mesmerising. A work of art that adds a splash of attitude and intrigue to a room with low-key aesthetics"  Daily Mail


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"The skyline of New York City is filled with so much detail, character and history, that taking it all in is quite the challenge.Drawing it is another story, however. Hence our dropped jaws in the face of Patrick Vale's timelapse video"  Huffington Post

“This is one alien in New York who will certainly be welcomed back. London based artist Patrick Vale has become an internet sensation after posting a stunning time-lapse video shot as he sketched the Manhattan skyline from the top of the Empire State Building.”  Daily Mail

“After marveling at the final illustration at the end of the time-lapse clip, we were hooked and wanted to see more of Vale!” Architecture Daily

“it’s staggering to watch his work take shape before your eyes. Even condensing this feat into 80 seconds doesn’t detract from the ridiculous level of skill involved – in fact it heightens your appreciation of the scale of this undertaking. Well done Patrick sir!” it's nice that

“Vale’s “Empire” is an act of bravura, and as such, it’s exceedingly enjoyable to watch him map out the geography that unfolds south of the Empire State Building. In keeping with Vale’s other work, the line work is willfully scraggly, imperfect without being whimsical or cute.” Architizer



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